How does a BroadNet Handset work?

BroadNet uses custom made Handsets that instead of transmitting to each other they first transmit to a central server over (ROIP) Radio Over Internet Protocol.

We use our own software already set up you just need to create your network via your portal log in.

* We use our dedicated servers which are available 100% of the time (JUN 2019 Data) and if a failure should happen – a seamless transfer to our backup servers will ensure your comms are still in place. *



What distance do your handsets cover?

Distance is no longer a problem in fact you can take one of our radios to Spain and another one to Scotland it will be just the same as if you were standing next to the person you want to talk to.

Why not to each other direct like walkie talkies?

Traditional two way radio or (PMR) Private Mobile Radio will always be limited by distance & interference. BroadNet works in a similar way to TETRA the system the police and other agencies use, it is very secure and no one else can hear or use your communications.

Can I use my radio as a normal telephone?

Yes just like TETRA your radio will be able to make and receive calls and texts,

Can I use my own SIM card?

Yes the radio/phones are not locked to any GSM network any SIM will work, pay as you go or monthly.
The Simcard used for data must be in the Main (large) Sim Slot
The data usage is minimal and you should not use more than about 500Mb a month for the normal user. Allow for 1Gb/month for very high use always on situations. 

Your choice of provider will be the best to cover your working area. You can also use an All Network sim card, that will roam to the best signal using any of the four major mobile providers in the UK. So if you are not covered by Vodafone in one location you could be covered by Three. 

Sometimes I hear transmissions come to the handsets at slightly different times?

As with any form of digital delivery (dab radio / satellite television / Tetra) there are a number of factors that can cause this, Its not normally a problem and only noticeable when you talk to people in earshot of each other, Things that will reduce this, try and keep all hardware your using the same (different devices decode information at different times) Try and keep on the same mobile network ( cross network communications means your data has to travel from one networks data centre to another, remember the delay is tiny and should never be more then one second,

Why not just use a phone to talk to each other?

BroadNet is almost instant, less than 1 second to the point of pressing the PTT on one radio to your voice coming out the other one or ones, plus you can talk up to 10000 at the same time, ideal for communications to field workers or patrol staff

What happens if I don't have internet?

Your radio/phone can use WiFi .If you can’t get 3G or WiFi then sadly it will not be able to connect to our network however you still might be able to use it as a normal phone if you get enough signal.

Our Emergency button will send out an emergency broadcast on data and (If set up with a mobile number) a TEXT SMS MESSAGE with your current location will also be sent using 2G. This will be queued if you do not even have a 2G basic phone signal, until it becomes available. 

Do you do dispatch software for control rooms?

Yes! BroadNet Dispatch is a complete dispatch system, you have complete control over your network:

  • Group Calls
  • P2P Calls
  • Assign jobs to users
  • Track Users
  • Call Grading
  • Lone worker alarms
  • Users able to update the Incidents