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Creating a Dispatch User

Dispatch users are assigned people who will manage your network from the dispatch level, without having access to the administration settings.


To create a new Dispatch user, first navigate to the Dispatch section in the BroadNet portal.


In the Dispatch section, find the Dispatch Accounts section and click ‘Add Dispatch User’.


A window will pop up asking for the email address of the new user, and to set a password for their account. These are the details they will use when signing in to the portal.

Once you’ve entered in the correct information, click ‘Create User’.


That’s it! The new dispatch user has been set up, and is ready to start monitoring dispatch.

For a final touch, you can give your user a display name to help identify them while they are operating on dispatch. To do this click ‘Edit’ on the user.


A window will pop up where you can enter your user’s display name.

Once you’re done, click ‘Update User’.


Your users will now have a display name next to their email which will be used to more easily identify them.