BroadNet CAD Dispatch is now live for all users and FREE with 5 or more subscriptions
It Looks good but what does it do?

  • **NEW Set up “guard” routes so CAD Dispatch will stamp and log when a user scans a QR code at a loaction
  • **NEW SOS Emergency CAD and all handsets on the netowork will flash RED if the SOS button is pressed on a handset
  • **NEW Create a rolling incident log for Command & Control
  • **NEW Users can request a Callback from the CAD Operator from thier handset
    • Track all your users at the same time on a live map
    • Track individual users on a live map
    • Grade your calls or incidents.
    • Create your own incidents for fast entry
    • Send and assign an incident to individual users and ping them to their handset.
    • Ping a job or incident to all users handsets so they can assign themselves CAD will highlight who has accepted the job or incident instantly and assign them
    • Let users update the Incident log from the handset.
    • Users set their own status from their handsets (AVL=Available BSY=Busy DEP=Deployed)
    • CAD Dispatch lets you see the status of your users in real time
    • CAD Dispatch lets you queue calls or jobs to users once they set themselves as AVL available again the call or job will ping to the handset.
    • Send instant messages to all or just a single users
    • Emergency call priority for lone workers
    • Add your own CAD Dispatch operators so they can log in with one simple username and password.
    • Log in to your Dispatch system from anywhere on any device
    • CAD Dispatch will keep track of all your incidents and save them for you

    All customers with 5 or more users will receive CAD Dispatch for FREE.
    if you have less then 5 you will need to add more users to make it up to 5, to use CAD Dispatch. 
    For example if you have 3 users and wish to use CAD Dispatch you will need to add another 2 users, CAD Dispatch will then become part of your portal and allow you to log in and set it up.

    For more details about BroadNet CAD Dispatch email