Filtering by channel is a useful way to focus in on groups of users, decluttering the dispatch workspace when overviewing complex situations. It is also used to view and track all handsets currently on a shared channel, including handsets that are not owned or controlled by your organisation.

To filter by channel, click on the filter icon in the top left of your dispatch window.

A menu will pop up, showing the available channels you wish to filter by. Select the channel you wish to focus on by clicking it.

After selecting your desired channel, the tracked handsets panel and the map will only show handsets currently on the selected channel.

If the selected channel is a shared channel, handsets that are not owned or controlled by your organisation will also be displayed, allowing dispatch to track all handsets on the current channel.

If you wish to return to seeing all available handsets on all available channels, simply click on the filter icon again and select ‘Clear filter’.