There may come a time where you wish to share channels with another organisation for better communication, but you don’t want to share all of your channels.

In this situation, creating a separate ‘bridge’ organisation that shares common channels to both your organisation and any other organisation you wish to connect to would be your best solution.

This process is as simple as the initial signup for your first organisation, and free.

To create a new organisation, simply log out of dispatch (if you are logged in) and head to the PTT & Dispatch Login page. Once on the login page, click Sign Up.

You will be directed to the Sign Up page, where you will need to provide a different email to the one used by your normal organisation.

Once you’re done, click Sign Up.

If you signed up successfully, you should be met with this page. Click Add Organisation Details to continue.

A pop up window will appear, in which you will need to provide a name for your bridge organisation.

You should now have a new organisation set up!

Now we want to create a channel to be shared across organisations, so head to Terminals/Handsets.

Now look for the Channels panel and click Add Channel.

A window will pop up asking for what you would like your channel to be named.

Click Create Channel when you’re done.

You should have created a channel ready for sharing across organisations!

You can now follow this guide on how to share your new organisation’s channels to your own organisation and others, provided you have their unique organisation ID.