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When the needs of your communications network change, BroadNet can easily accommodate them. In this section we’ll be covering how to update the amount of subscriptions you have attached to your account.


To update your subscription, first navigate to the Subscriptions section of the BroadNet Portal and then click the ‘Upgrade Subscription’ button.


A popup box will appear, showing your current total number of PPT and CSN accounts.

In this example, we have 10 PPT accounts and 10 CSN accounts.

For the purposes of this example, I want to reduce the amount of PPT accounts by 5, and increase the amount of CSN accounts by 10.

So for the total PPT accounts: 10-5 = 5 accounts

For the CSN accounts: 10+10 = 20 accounts


So, having worked out the new total accounts needed for each account type, input those totals into the relevant sections in the popup and click ‘Setup Payments’.


You will then be presented with a page detailing your new subscription plan.

Please check that the total number of each type of subscription is correct before proceeding.

If everything looks good, click ‘Set Up Payment’ which will take you to Stripe; a third-party payment system which will take your details and organise payment for your updated subscription.

For security reasons, BroadNet does not store your card details. Prices accurate as of writing this help section.


Once you have been through the payment process, your current subscription allowance should update to reflect your new total number of subscriptions.