The dispatch toolbar contains a lot of useful settings and features to make your operator’s life much easier. This diagram offers a basic rundown of what each button does, but we’ll go into a bit more detail on the more unique ones below.

Show/Hide powered off handsets

This setting controls the handset menu, toggling between showing and hiding handsets that are powered off or otherwise offline from the full list.

This is to allow the option for decluttering the available handset list to only show those that are online, while still being able to keep track of all registered handsets.

Show/hide traffic information

As BroadNet’s dispatch maps are powered by Google maps, your operators can make use of their live traffic monitoring system. Toggling this setting on will (after a short load time) update the dispatch map to display the traffic overlay, allowing your operator to keep staff updated on traffic disruption.

Day/Night screen toggle mode

Eye strain while looking at a screen for hours on end, especially at night is a serious problem. This is why we offer the ability to switch between Day and Night display modes for the dispatch screen.

Day displays everything on a clear, white background, while night mode changes the theme to show everything much darker but still just as detailed, allowing operations to continue in dark surroundings without straining your operator’s eyes.