CSN - Critical Services Network Sim Cards

Critical Services SIMs are used by local authorities, Ambulance Services, Security Services and other mission-critical organisations where the loss of mobile data connection is not an option.

This service works by combining major international Mobile networks into one, meaning your device will lock onto the best possible signal from any available networks in 190 countries. The service has no home network, meaning it will not try and lock on to just one network - it will pick the best one for the location you are currently in.

BroadNet combined with the Critical Services Network now makes it the most powerful PTT Network - far outperforming the Tetra network or single network PTT systems.

We have managed to combine the cost of the BroadNet Licences with a rolling contract for access to the Critical Services SIMs. This will be one cost that covers everything, so you don’t need to worry about mobile phone contracts or topping up data.

If you are already a BroadNet customer you can join the Critical Services Network from your portal. If you are not currently a BroadNet customer but would like to join, please contact us here.