Who and What is BroadNet?

BroadNet partners with forward thinking dispersed workforce organisations

Delivering a best in class, complete communications, and incident management solution, utilising our proprietary push-to-talk technology that adapts to your company evolutions to constantly meet your operational needs

Using our own, entirely in house developed, software we provide both handset, vehicle and control room  / office press to talk voice solutions combined with our fully functional dispatch command and control platform.

Set up by individuals with direct experience in frontline response organisations such as the NHS Ambulance Services and Police, combined with experienced technical designers, BroadNet has been serving clients for nearly a decade.

As one of the few network radio companies who have designed their own code, from the Radio to the Online dispatch portal (CAD), we have complete control over the functionality of our system.  Every year we invest heavily in innovations and new features - many based on use case suggestions from our clients and their users.  

BroadNet PTT (Push-To-Talk) is a POC communications platform that means that you can cover unlimited distances without the need to use or install a dedicated mast infrastructure. BroadNet equipment connects using existing global cellular infrastructure, or Wi-Fi hotspot connections.

Broadcast and P2P digital voice, multichannel secure communications, messaging and incident/job management, What3Words integration & GPS mapping are but a few of the key features contained in the BroadNet handset software.

BroadNet Dispatch is a powerful web based Command and Control Dispatch System.(CAD) which comes with your user licences at no extra charge.

Dispatch Screens

It is a system that allows you to monitor and control operations using any internet connected browser. Utilising live GPS tracking, integrated google maps and an incident management system, it provides you the tools to keep your team informed, efficient and safe.

You can specify different types of users with different permissions giving each user their own secure log on. This enables the creation of users that can access and manage day to day operations, while you maintain administrative control.
Handset Tracking & integration with CAD

Being able to locate precisely where a handset is situated is an invaluable tool. From day-to-day on job progress updates to coordinating a full emergency situation, Broadnet's live handset tracking scales to the task at hand.

In addition:

  • Users can set their status (Available/Busy/Deployed, etc.) to easily keep dispatch informed of their current situation.
  • You can assign CAD/Jobs to users and see when they have been accepted. The system even has an auto at scene mode so you know when your team have arrived.
  • Instant messaging allows for alerts to be sent out to all handsets without disrupting ongoing audio communications.
  • SOS protocol allows a user to call for help with just one button press, alerting dispatch and other team members.
  • You can create as many channels as you need for your organisation and assign access rights to specific users for each channel
  • Radios can scan across various channels at the same time  - useful for managers and dispatchers to ensure no messages are missed.

And that's just the basics.  Integrated into CAD ( and our handsets) are tools such as What3Words for precise location management, Event overlay uploads to assist event control with resource management and many other tools. Talk to one our account managers by filling in the short online form here to arrange a discussion and a free trial. Then you will be able to see for yourself what sets BroadNet apart from other Network Radio providers.