What We Can Do For You

Voice Communications
Crystal clear digital voice for point to point and channel broadcast communications. Unlimited channel creations, allows you to structure your teams efficiently. Individual users can be assigned separate access rights to different channels and devices can scan multipole channels at once.

Mobile Video Communications
Devices with integrated digital voice and HD day and night video capture, that can be streamed direct into the dispatch portal. Auto streaming can be enabled on SOS emergency button push.

Event, Incident and Job Management
Our cloud/web-based dispatch portal is accessible from any internet connected devise. Through your portal you can manage and interact with your team. This can be via voice or messaging, you can create and assign incidents or jobs, and manage your workflow

Tracking and Personnel Safety
All BroadNet devices come with SOS emergency buttons and integrated tracking. We also have devices available that automatically alert you when no movement or significant G-Force is detected.
What we do can for you

How do we do it?

We utilise exisiting global cellular and wifi networks as our secure data channel.
You can use any sim card with our network that provides 4G data. To get the best coverage it is best to do a survey of your work area and work out which  operator has the best coverage and capacity.

We can also provide special Critical Service Network SIMS which will give you coverage in 190 countries and roam across a range of leading network providers to ensure maximum coverage.

If you have any cellular black spots they can be covered by on site Wi-Fi or with a Mesh network.