Hardware & Software Licensing

BroadNet requires appropriate hardware and also a user licence for each piece of hardware connected to the system


BroadNet handsets start at £287+VAT *.  This price includes full hardware technical support. Dull details details of all our are available from our customer support team. Discounts are available for larger orders over 20 units. 

*Other android devices such as mobile phones can have the BroadNet app installed on them, however as the app is written specifically for devices designed by us, we cannot guarantee full functionality nor provide hardware technical support for these devices

Software Licences 

You will require a subscription/licence for every active user you wish to operate on the BroadNet network. We offer two options:

 - PTT only subscription, where you provide a suitable internet connection either through a data sim or Wi-Fi hotspot / mesh which is £5+VAT per month on a rolling monthly contract

 - CSN Subscription, where we provide a CSN data SIM card ( only installable on BroadNet approved devices) which is £15+VAT per month on a rolling monthly contract

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