What do our clients say?

BroadNet support clients across the full range of remote workforce industries.  From Hospitals, to Security Firms, Bus and Train Companies , Local Authorities and First Responders.  Below are just a small selection of comments from our clients:

 “Implementing Broadnet radios across our patient transport fleet has drastically improved our communication between the control room and crews on the road.
The Broadnet system has also allowed for increased crew safety through the emergency buttons on all radios, which alert our control room and Duty Managers that a crew is in danger and where they are.
During large scale events, the network has allowed us to accurately track crew locations, ensuring that the event controllers allocate the closest resource to any reported incident. Broadnet has made a huge operational improvement to our efficiency in communicating and is now a stable part of our day-to-day operations.”
Luke Grinstead Dip, MCMI
Director of Operations
Bristol ambulance service

“Broadnet Radio systems have allowed us to connect our control room to our teams out on the road. In addition to this we can track where they are and record each call to monitor the level of service that has been given. During large scale events we were struggling to get signal, however Broadnet have supplied us with sims that ensure we stay connected despite what is going on around us.”
Carl English
Senior Operations Supervisor
Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company