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This is the Broadnet Dispatch System – your network command centre.

From here you can monitor incidents, assign incidents to operatives and generally keep track of your operatives.

Incident Tracker

This section of the screen is your incident tracker. From here you can create incidents and assign them to your operatives to deal with. You can also track their progress and sort incidents to manage your assignments more efficiently.

For more information:

  • Creating an Incident
  • Adding a Note to an Incident
  • Reopening an Incident
  • Removing an Assigned Handset

The Map

This is your map. It tracks the location of all active handsets on your network via GPS. Each handset is marked with a coloured pin indicating their current status.

Available      At Scene      Busy      Rest      Off

Handset Tracker

This section monitors the handsets assigned to your network. It allows quick access to tracking and monitoring specific handsets, which can be handy in both crowded and dispersed map screens.

For more information:

  • Forcing Handset Status