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This article deals with Incidents. For more information on Incidents, see Incident Creation and Allocation

Self-Deployed Incidents

Create incidents in the field without the aid of a Dispatch operator.

Step 1:

To create an incident from a terminal, first TAP the status button on your handset to reach the 'Terminal Status' window.

How hard you have to press and for how long will depend on the handset model you have.
Pressing for too long will take you to the CAD response window instead.

See also: Incident creation from the Dispatch portal.

Step 2:

In the Terminal Status window, select  'Self Deploy'.

Step 3:

The system will ask for a CAD Title. This should be a very brief description of what your incident is, and will be displayed as the title of your incident to the Dispatch operator. (You can add notes to this incident later to better describe your situation if needed).

Select OK to continue.

Step 4:

The terminal should now beep to alert you in the same way it would if receiving an incident from Dispatch. Your incident is now logged in the system and can be seen in the Dispatch incident tracker.

If you choose 'Reject' at this point, the incident will remain visible to the Dispatch operator and can be processed just the same as any other incident.

Selecting 'Accept' works exactly the same way as accepting an incident from Dispatch. This task is now yours and the operator knows that you're busy dealing with something.

Step 5:

From the operator's point of view, an incident has been created and assigned. The tracker will keep them appraised of your progress, with a  symbol marking the incident as user created.

See also: Incident Allocation Tracking in Dispatch