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Incident Allocation Tracking

From creation to completion, an incident goes through several stages. This section details those stages, and how they are represented in Dispatch.

Incident Created

When an incident is first created an on the system, it will be displayed in the incident tracker with a red icon ().

This indicates it requires the attention of the operator and has not been allocated.

See also: Creating an incident.

Incident Allocated

Once an incident has been allocated to users, the icon will turn green, along with a user status indicator.

 This indicator shows that the request has been sent out, but the user's terminal has not received it.

 This indicator show the request has been received by the terminal and is awaiting the user's response.

User Rejects Incident

 If a user rejects the incident, the icon will remain green, but will have a 'rejected' status indicator to show this incident needs reassigning.

User Accepts Incident

 When a user accepts the incident, it will be displayed with a darker background in the tracker, along with a green 'acc' indicator to confirm the incident has been accepted and is being dealt with. 

Incident Cleared

 Finally, once the incident has been dealt with and the user sets their status back to 'Available', the incident will be shown as cleared with 'clr'. This is how an incident will remain until closed by the operator to confirm it needs no further attention.