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Creating Teams

BroadNet offers a full solution for teams and events management.

Handle your staff more effectively with the tools you need to make sure only relevant information is shown.


To create an event, first navigate to the ‘Events’ section on the BroadNet portal.


Then click ‘Add New Event’.


From here you can create your event, determining the event name and the dates the event will be starting and ending.

To continue, click 'Create Event'.


Once you have created your event, you can click on the name of the event to proceed to Event Dispatch, however the event still requires some setup so click Edit on your event to open the Event Editor.


This will bring up the General details section for your event.

This section handles the basic details of your event (name, date, time) along with:

To continue, click 'Site Map' in the menu on the left.


From this section, we can edit the Event Area and Map Markers.

To define where your event is located, use the map view in the middle of the screen and find your event location.


The borders of the event area are defined by the South West and the North East corners of the map.

To begin marking your event area on the map, click once where the most South Western Point should be (this can be changed later).


A modal menu will appear asking for you to define what the marker you have just placed is. Give it a name (I’ve just called it ‘South West Event Marker’ for clarity, and then define the marker type as SouthWest using the 'Marker type' dropdown menu.


Repeat the process for the most North-Eastern point of your event area, making sure to define the new marker’s type as NorthEast.

You should end up with two markers on the map. Now refresh the page.


The markers should now be replaced with a border box, displaying the outer boundary of the event.

To further populate your event map, see Grids and Grid Labels, Adding Map Markers and Graphical Overlays, otherwise, you are now ready to manage your event dispatch.

After exiting the event edit mode, you will be able to manage your event dispatch just like the standard dispatch mode.

NOTE: If you or your operators are seeing unexpected information when looking at an event: for example you are seeing incidents not from the event or map overlays are missing make sure you are looking at the event map rather than the main dispatch map.


While your organisation has active events available, you can access them from the BroadNet Portal or Dispatch via the Teams Dropdown