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Setting Up a Base Station

Every team needs a good base of operations - here's what you need to get yours started.

Dispatch Terminal - Computer/Laptop/Tablet

This is where the action happens. Dispatch can be accessed through the BroadNet website on any device connected to the internet. For smaller 'on the go' operations, a tablet may suffice but for larger or more permanent operations we recommend a dedicated computer with a stable internet connection and a reasonably sized screen (the bigger, the better).

Base Station Radio Terminal

Monitoring channel traffic and allowing your operator to communicate directly with users (when not using text chat), a base radio terminal is a must for any base station.

For this, we strongly recommend a proper base station radio terminal for permanent or semi-permanent operations. While a handset will do the job just fine, the base station allows for much less fiddly operation and a more natural communication style with a push to talk handset.

There's a wide selection to choose from, and this article will likely be updated in future with recommended models from BroadNet. Contact us if you need advice on what model to choose.

Setting up a Base Station on Dispatch

Step 1:

First navigate to Dispatch through the BroadNet Portal. Once you have the Dispatch window open, select the   tab from the column on the right.

Step 2:

This is the base station selection tab. Here you will see listed all terminals that are currently connected to your network. Select the terminal that you will be using as your base station by clicking on the username specifically assigned to your terminal.

Step 3:

Flipping back to the terminals tab, you'll see your terminal now has the base station icon assigned to it. You're now all set up and ready to begin operations on Dispatch.