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Modifying Your Subscription

BroadNet's subscription handing scales effortlessly to meet your needs.

Step 1:

To update your subscription, first navigate to the Subscriptions section of the BroadNet Portal and then click the ‘Upgrade Subscription’ button.

Step 2:

A menu will appear, showing your current total number of PPT and CSN accounts. For the purposes of this example the current amount of PTT accounts is 10 - I need to increase the amount of accounts available from 10 to 20.

For Critical Services Network Users
When first signing up for BroadNet CSN, BroadNet will provide a free 14 day trial while your CSN sims are being sent. CSN will then contact you for your details in order to sign you up to the CSN Network.

Step 3:

To increase the total number of handset accounts from 10 to 20, I simply change the number in the menu to the new total number of accounts needed. This applies to both PTT and CSN subscriptions.

Decreasing the amount of accounts needed works exactly the same way, just enter the new total amount of accounts you need.

Then click Setup Payments.

Step 4:

You will then be presented with a page detailing your new subscription plan.

Please check that the total number of subscriptions is correct before proceeding.

If everything looks good, click ‘Set Up Payment’ which will take you through Stripe; a third-party payment system which will take your details and organise payment for your updated subscription.

For security reasons, BroadNet does not store your card details. Prices accurate as of writing this help section, but may not be representative.

Step 5:

Once you have been through the payment process, your current subscription allowance should update to reflect your new total number of subscriptions.

How Modifying Your Subscription Affects Your Bill

Monthly Fees

When purchasing subscriptions for PPT accounts, all subscriptions are paid for in advance through Stripe in what's called a Continuous Payment Authority. This means that BroadNet is authorised to take money from your account through Stripe every month in accordance with your subscription plan (For security reasons, BroadNet does not store your card details).

Payments are therefore handled automatically, but subscribers will receive periodic emails from Stripe and BroadNet whenever payments occur.

If no changes in the amount of subscriptions have been applied to your account by the end of the month, the amount charged (barring any rates changes) will remain the same.

Increased Number of Subscriptions

When adding new subscriptions to your current plan, you will need to pay for the updated subscription plan immediately. Your new subscriptions will only be available once payment has been received.

This action will also move the renewal date of your plan to the date that you update the plan on.

In the example above, the amount of handsets has been increased from 10 to 20 exactly halfway through the month*, so the subscription update payment charges the customer based on how far through the month the subscription was changed.

The amount to be paid on increasing the number of subscriptions is worked out like this:

Charge for total number of new handset subscriptions added + (Charge for original number of handset subscriptions, minus amount of subscription time remaining from previous payment)

*Price is calculated from the point in time between payments that the subscription was changed, it's unlikely that this will occur precisely halfway through, but it makes for a nice round number for this example. Prices shown in these examples are not representative, and are for demonstration purposes only.

Decreased Number of Subscriptions

As before, if you modify your subscription to decrease the total number of handset subscriptions, your next bill will be modified accordingly.

In this example, the amount of handsets has been decreased from 10 to 5 exactly halfway through the month. Next month's bill will reflect this by subtracting the amount of subscription time for handsets that you have cancelled from your next payment.

Charges should work out like this:

Next month's subscription - (Charge for total number of handset subscriptions removed, divided by how much of the previous month the handsets had not been charged for).

If you have any questions about your bill, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. BroadNet does not store your payment details. Prices shown for demonstration purposes only and are not representative of live subscription rates.