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Messaging a Handset from Dispatch

Instant messaging anytime, anywhere.

Step 1:

From dispatch, in the right hand menu, click on the handset you wish to message.

Step 2:

In the handset menu that appears, look for the messaging section on the right. This is where you will send and receive any text messages that are not assigned to an incident.

To send a message, type your message into the text field and click Send to: [Handset name] or press Enter.

If 'FLASH' message is checked, the message will appear on the handset screen immediately as a window. If left unchecked, the message will appear as described in Step 3.

Step 3:

The selected handset will notify the user of a new message being received. The user can read this message by selecting the 'Text' section from the home screen. From here they can respond directly to dispatch to continue the conversation for as long as necessary.