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Terminals and Channels Settings

With the settings for Terminals and Channels now available on separate pages, let's cover what each page handles.


Covering the setup and running of all handsets and communications hardware, along with various custom settings.

Rented Terminals

This panel lists any rented handsets or terminals in use by your company.

  • If you are interested in renting terminals, please Contact Us.
  • For help and support regarding a rented terminal, please contact your rental supplier or refer to your contract for more information.

Reserved Terminals

This panel deals with terminals that are no longer active due to manual deactivation or subscription. The terminal profiles are saved here for easy reactivation when needed.

For more information, see the full help article.

Call Signs

This panel handles the creation of call signs - tags that group of 'teams' of handset users together. Dispatch operators can use these groups to ascertain whether a handset user is suitable to be sent out on a specific incident.

User Defined States

This panel handles custom terminal statuses required by users. These states let Dispatch operators know at a glance what a user is currently doing.

Standard Handset Settings

This panel handles notifications, sounds and a myriad of other settings to do with the handsets assigned to your organisation.

These settings are handed globally, meaning they will affect all handsets if changed. However all settings in this panel are by default set to accept the settings used by individual users for their own handsets.

For more information on changing settings, see Terminal Default Settings.


Covering channel management and assignment.


This panel handles the creation and removal of channels.

Select 'Add Channel' to add a new channel to your organisation, and select the icon to delete a channel.

For more information, see the full help article.

Channel Allocations

This panel handles what channel each terminal of your organisation is assigned to.
Tick the box in the row of a terminal in the column of the channel you need it assigned to.