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Unique Incident ID Numbers

Prevent duplicate incidents from being created with unique incident ID numbers.

When creating an incident in an event, there is an option to add a unique identification code or number (UID) to better identify the incident, or prevent multiple versions of the same incident being created.

We advise that your operators follow a standard naming procedure for this UID to make this process faster and more likely to catch any duplicate incidents. Using unique identifiers already in place such as participant/ticket numbers or vehicle registration plates are a good start.

See also: Creating an Incident

The assigned UID is now displayed on both the incident tracker and the incident details menu.

With the UID in place for this incident, if an operator now tries to create a duplicate incident (presumably after someone else reports the same incident to dispatch) they will be presented with a list of incidents with similar UIDs that they can check against to see if the incident they are entering is already on the system.

Pressing the orange 'Jump To' button in the list will display the information menu for the incident in question to allow an operator to double check and see if the new incident is in fact a duplicate or not.