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This article assumes you have completed the following: Creating Teams

Adding New Operators to a Team

Adding new operators to your dispatch system for specific events.


To add a new dispatch operator, head to the 'Dispatch' section in the BroadNet Dispatch Portal and click 'Add Dispatch User'.


Enter the login details of your new operator in the form (these details can be changed later) and select the 'Events' role.


The operator will be prompted to verify their email address before they can log in. This is done by clicking the 'Confirm my account' link in a verification email sent to the address entered in Step 2.

If the operator has not received their verification email, please check that the email address has been entered correctly.


The operator will now be able to log into the portal using the details entered earlier.


To give your operator access to events, find an event that you wish your operator to handle and select 'Edit'.  Then find the panel listed as 'Operators' and tick the checkbox next  to their name/email address. Repeat this process for any other events you need them to manage.


Your operator should now have a list of events to manage upon logging in.


Selecting any event from this list will take the operator to the dispatch for that event. They can start managing dispatch for that event immediately.