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Adding Map Markers

Show important locations on your map.


Let’s start placing some markers down to define specific areas on the map for easy navigation. Switching to satellite view can give a better view of any existing buildings or structures if needed.

To place a marker, simply click once where you need a marker to be placed.

See also: Creating an Event, Grids and Grid Labels


For this example, we’re defining where a car park is on the map. This is just a generic place marker, so we’re going to set it’s type to ‘Text Only’.

‘Text Only’ means the label will only have a text identifier, with no additional symbols or special types.


This will (after a quick refresh) display the text marker on your event map.


Repeat this process for the rest of the facilities offered at your events. Making sure to check the correct marker type where applicable.

In this example we’re defining where the disabled toilets are, so I’ve selected the Disabled marker to help identify it.


Once you have finished populating your event map, you will be ready to manage your event dispatch.

After exiting the event edit mode, you will be able to manage your event dispatch just like the standard dispatch mode.

NOTE: If you or your operators are seeing unexpected information when looking at an event: for example you are seeing incidents not from the event or map overlays are missing make sure you are looking at the event map rather than the main dispatch map.