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Reserved Terminals

Keeping your terminal profiles stored while your needs are scaled down.

This is the Reserved Terminals panel, found under Terminals in the BroadNet Portal.

This is where all Terminal profiles that would have been lost by a scaling down a subscription or have been manually set to 'Reserved' will end up. Any terminal registered as 'Reserved' will no longer be active, but will have its setup information stored ready to be reactivated when needed.

Manually Reserving Terminals


To move a terminal to Reserved, first click the corresponding Edit Button of the terminal you wish to reserve.


In the modal window that pops up, find the dropdown menu under 'Usage' and select Reserved from the list.

Then click Update Handset User.


The terminal should now have been removed from the main terminals panel, and will appear in the 'Reserved' panel.

The reserved terminal is now inactive and cannot be used for BroadNet PTT, but it can be reactivated if needed.

Please note: Depending on your needs, reactivation may require upgrading your subscription, as the number of active terminals cannot exceed your subscription allowance. Check the help article on modifying your subscription for more information.

Reactivating Terminals


To reactivate a reserved terminal, click on the edit button of the required terminal in question.


In the modal that pops up, look under 'Usage' for the dropdown menu and select 'Subscription' from the list.

Then click 'Update Handset User'.


The terminal should now reappear back in the Terminals panel, reactivated and ready to be used.