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This article assumes you have completed the following: Setting up Users and Channels

Setting Up a Handset

Your handset has arrived - time to get connected!

Charge and Update


Unpack your handset from its box and locate the charging cable. This cable may simply be a cable that is plugged into the handset, or into a charging station that the handset slots into (please refer to your handset model information for specific charging method).

Put your handset on charge, and switch it on.

This help article assumes you have already bought a handset or terminal for use with BroadNet's systems. If you are looking to purchase a handset, please visit the BroadNet online shop.


Locate and start up the BroadNet app if it is not currently running.

Once the app has loaded up, press and hold the BroadNet title bar to access the BroadNet PTT menu. (For the BN220 or handsets without a touchscreen, press the # key.)

This article assumes that the BroadNet app is already installed on your handset as is standard for any handset purchased from BroadNet. While it is possible to install the app on handsets bought from third parties, it is down to the customer to ensure that it is compatible. If you have bought a handset from a third party and require assistance installing the BroadNet app, please contact your handset provider. 


Once you are on the BroadNet PTT Menu, select Update.

The handset will now begin the process of checking for updates to the BroadNet app. If any updates are required, Agree to the updates to continue.

Troubleshooting: Unable to Update BroadNet App

If the app is unable to update, please check that your SIM card is working or that you are connected to a WiFi network.

If the app is still unable to update, your handset may be set to refuse updates from an 'unknown source'. To fix this:

  1. Exit from the BroadNet App
  2. Select 'Android Settings'
  3. Find and open the 'Security' section
  4. Select 'allow Unknown Source'
  5. Exit Android Settings, open the BroadNet App and try updating again.

If you are still having problems please contact Support using the "Support" button at the bottom of your screen.

Signing In

If you haven’t created any Users or Channels for your organisation yet, please follow the instructions in the Setting Up Users and Channels help article before proceeding.


To sign your handset in, first navigate to the Terminals section of the BroadNet Portal. 

In the list of terminals, find your desired User and select the QR code symbol under the Net ID column.


You will now be presented with a window displaying a QR code and a Hex code. We will use these in a moment.


On your handset, press and hold the title bar (or the # key) until the PTT menu appears.


In the PTT menu, select ‘Set User’.


From this window, you have the option of scanning in the QR code using the handset’s inbuilt camera (if it has one) or entering the network ID code manually.

To scan the QR code, select ‘Scan QR’ and wait for the camera window to appear. Next hold the handset up to the screen where the QR code is displayed, and align the QR code with the on screen markers.

This process should only take a moment. If you are having trouble scanning the QR code please check your handset’s network connection or enter the network ID manually.

To enter the code manually, type the Hex code listed underneath the QR Code in the Portal into the Network ID section and then select 'Done'.


After a few moments, your handset should sign in and display your current username at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations - you are now ready to begin communicating with other PTT users on your network!