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Sending Photos

Assuming your terminal has a camera, here's how to send photos to other users on your network.


To send a photo to another terminal, first press and hold the USER button on the main menu.


A menu will appear asking which terminal you want to send a photo to. This menu also offers the option to send a photo to everyone on your network, or CAD. Select your desired recipient to proceed.

Note: If your terminal is currently assigned to an incident and you send a photo to CAD, the photo should be attached to the incident notes.


After selecting your photo recipient, it's time to take your photo!

Tap on the screen to focus the camera on a specific point. When you're ready, tap the aperture icon at the bottom of the screen to take a photo.


The terminal will now display your photo. This screen offers you the option to retake your photo or confirm it.

To retake your photo, tap the refresh symbol in the middle of the screen (or tap the cross button and select 'Take Pic' when prompted).

If you are happy with your photo, tap the tick to proceed.


Finally, the terminal will ask you to confirm your upload of the photo. If you wish to retake the photo, tap 'TAKE PIC'.

If you are ready to upload your photo, tap 'Upload'.

The photo will then be sent to your chosen recipient(s).