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Scanning Channels


To start, tap the Channels button in the main menu.


This opens the channels menu - listing all available channels that your terminal can connect to.

Let's start populating the list of channels that your terminal will scan through: press and hold on a channel that you wish to add to the list.


A note will pop up stating that your selected channel has been added to the scan list.

To remove a channel from the scan list, find the channel in the channels menu and press and hold it until the note pops up showing your updated scan list.

Go ahead and add all the channels you need in your scan list, then return to the main menu when you are done


Once you have your scan list complete and are ready to start scanning, press and hold the Channel button in the main menu.


The Channel button will change colour and the terminal will now start scanning through your selected channels.

While the terminal is scanning, it will pick up and broadcast any voice traffic on the channels in the scan list, waiting several seconds after the end of a transmission before beginning scanning again. If the PTT button is pressed during this time, it will still broadcast on the channel selected before scanning started.


To cease scanning channels, press and hold the Channels button on the main menu.

The terminal will resume normal operations.