BroadNet Push To Talk

BroadNet PTT (Push-To-Talk) is a communications platform that operates utilising existing 3G, 4G and soon 5G networks. Our devices can also connect using Wifi or Satellite networks. This means that you can cover unlimited distances without the need to use or install a dedicated mast infrastructure. You push to talk to any of your handsets whether they are in Land’s End or Sydney Australia as long as they have an internet connection.

Our handsets can communicate with a single user or thousands at the same time via voice, text, or job requests on your own private, unlimited and secure channels.

  • You can use any sim card with our network that provides 3G/4G data. To get the best coverage it is best to do a survey of your work area and work out the best operator to go with.
  • We can provide special Critical Service Network SIMS which will give you coverage in 190 countries and roam across a range of leading network providers such as Vodafone and EE for the best coverage. 
  • Don’t forget that if you have any black spots they can be covered by WiFi on site or with a Mesh network. We are planning on offering Satellite coverage units for events/rural locations in the future – ask for details.
  • Our handsets can be programmed with an SOS button that alerts managers to issues.