Command & Control Dispatch System

BroadNet Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) comes as part of your licence.  It is a system that allows you to monitor and control operations using any internet connected browser. Utilising live GPS tracking, integrated google maps and an incident management system, BroadNet CAD provides you the tools to keep your team informed, efficient and safe.

You can specify different types of users with different permissions giving each user their own secure log on. This enables the creation of users that can access and manage day to day operations, while you maintain administrative control.

Handset Tracking & Integration with CAD

Being able to locate precisely where a handset is situated is an invaluable tool. From day-to-day checking on job progress to coordinating a full emergency situation, BroadNet’s live handset tracking scales to the task at hand.

  • Users can set their status (Available/Busy/Deployed, etc.) to easily keep dispatch informed of their current situation.
  • Instant messaging allows for alerts to be sent out to all handsets without disrupting ongoing audio communications.
  • SOS protocol allows a user to call for help with just one button press, alerting dispatch and other team members.
  • Some handsets can send images back to CAD of an incident on request.

Incident Log

The incident log is where the action happens – incidents for the attention of your team are created by Dispatch or operatives in the field and posted here. Dispatch can assign operatives to incidents, or operatives can ‘claim’ incidents to tackle.

  • Incidents can be graded to allow operatives to deal with more important incidents first.
  • Users can update the incident log from their handsets to keep the team informed of developments.
  • The incident log keeps an archive of all incidents for future reference.
  • With our more advanced “Team” package you can run analytics on Dispatch to review response times for incidents.


For organisations with more than 10 users we offer the Team/Event module. This has all the features of Dispatch but with the added benefit of being able to define event areas in a map and grid system, upload an event overlay or create your own map with things such as RVPs and facilities.  It also offers the ability to run analytics on incidents and provide PDF incident reports.