Events Module

For organisations of more than 10 users, BroadNet now offers a new complementary event management system that works alongside the existing dispatch system to aid dispatch and staff members alike. (This can be purchased separately for clients with less than 10 subscriptions).

This addon allows for specified ‘events’ to be defined to keep incidents, messages and general information circulating between the people that really need to know, especially during crucial ‘all hands on deck’ situations.

Focus Your efforts

The events module allows dispatch to specify a date, time and location of an event and manage what handsets/terminals are assigned to it. Only those handsets specified for an event will be shown on the event’s dispatch, preventing your team from being distracted by anything or anyone not assigned to the event.

Find Your Way

The events module unlocks a new set of navigational features for dispatch, including custom navigational grids, an array of different marker types for points of interest and incidents, and the ability to overlay images directly onto the dispatch map.

Speed up your staff’s response times by giving them the tools they need to accurately report, direct and navigate when they need it most.


The events module dispatch incident response system filters out any extraneous incidents from users not assigned to the event currently being managed. This allows your dispatch operator assigned to the event to focus only on resolving incidents arising during an event, also leaving general dispatch free to resolve incidents not related to the event. Records of all event-specific incidents can also be downloaded for your records separately from general dispatch.

Stay on top of incidents by assigning your operators across different zones to watch over.