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This article assumes you have completed the following: Setting up Users and Channels

Sharing Channels with another Organisation

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This article describes how to make your organisation's channels available to another organisation, meaning your users can collaborate easily.

If you do not wish to have all your channels shared, you may wish to consider setting up a separate ‘bridge’ organisation to handle cross-organisation communication. That new organisation is free if you don’t have any terminals defined in it.

If you are just looking for a way to communicate with a specific user outside your organisation you can use ISSI calling to get in touch with them.

Check out our help article on ISSI calling for more information.


Setting up the channel share is simple, first you’ll need the Unique Organisation ID (UOID) of the organisation you wish to share your channel with.

Once you have the ID, head to the Terminals section of the BroadNet Portal.

Remember to only share your UOID with people you can trust. While it does not present a security risk to your dispatch, it can allow access to your PTT network.


Scroll to the bottom to find Organisation shares and click Share Organisation.


Enter the unique organisation code of the organisation you wish to share your channel with and click Create Organisation Share when finished.


You should now see the organisation you shared your channel connection with listed in the Organisation shares panel.

You can stop sharing channels with another organisation at any time by clicking on the trash can icon. 

It may take 10-15 mins from sharing the channel for comms to start working.


The organisation you shared your channel connection with should now be listed underneath the Channels section in the portal sidebar.

Clicking on the organisation will show all terminals available across the shared accounts (including those from your own organisation).