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Creating a Dispatch User

Dispatch users are assigned people who will manage your network from the dispatch level, without having access to the administration settings.


To create a new Dispatch user, first navigate to the Dispatch section in the BroadNet portal.


In the Dispatch section, find the Dispatch Accounts section and click ‘Add Dispatch User’.


A window will pop up asking for the email address of the new user, and to set a password for the user's account. These are the details they will use when signing in to the portal.


You will now need to define what permissions this new user will have (you will be able to change this later).

  • Events: This will allow the user to access and operate dispatch for any events they are assigned, but will not be able to access your organisation's main dispatch.
  • Dispatch: This will allow the user to access and operate dispatch for your organisation, along with any events that are listed.
  • System: This will allow the user to access almost all high-level functions of the organisation, including organisation and dispatch settings. Can also access and operate dispatch and events.

Select which role you would like for your user and select 'Create User'.

At this point an email will be sent out to the provided email address to ask the user to confirm their address.

If however you need your operator account to start working without email confirmation, you can manually confirm the address by clicking the 'Confirm' button.


Your new user is set up and ready to begin monitoring Dispatch!

For a final touch, let's see what details we can add to better identify your user. To do this click ‘Edit’ on the user.


The Update Operator window will open. Here you can change:

  • Display Name: Gives the user a display name other than their email for easy identification.
  • Role: Edit the user's role as described in step 4.
  • Base: Listing the name of the terminal your user will be using as a base station.

Once you are happy with your user's details, select 'Update User'.


Your user is now fully set up!