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Handset Software Support


Hold the BN Logo and press UPDATE, then INSTALL, wait then Open. 

The best experience will be had when everyone in your group is using the latest version. If you are using an old version you can also use our new features.

On your device you can use a web browser to go to the following:

Please note you must use a netid not used by another device!

If you get a DISABLED message you must restart the software – and use another netid.

1) Keep your handset updated regularly – Press # or Hold down the BN logo. Now select Update and then click on Install. This will make sure you have the latest version.

2) If you are setting up a handset from the portal – please wait at least ten minutes then hold down the BN logo – and type in your Netid with no spaces. Now press ok. Select a channel and you are good to go!

Security updates : 

There have been a lot of security updates going on. We apologise for any disruption caused, but it is always a good idea to update regularly to ensure up to date features and compatibility.

An update would happen when you turn on your handset or press USERS button. A dialog will show Install Update.. Just click OK – Install and then Open. It should take less than 15 seconds to perform. It would be useful if all handset users know how to update, as it only takes a few seconds.

NOTICES (Known issues and fixes)

My service keeps reconnecting:

  • Try to keep wifi turned off.
  • Check you have a good signal level. 
  • Make sure you are not using an MVNO. We have had problems with MVNO operators and data connection. We suggest to use Three contract, EE or our CSN sims. GiffGaff is ok, but ping time is slightly higher. 

A GOOD pay as you go service is 1p Mobile. You can have MANY accounts in one management portal and see all balances at once. Only have to top up every 6 months and only pay 1p/Mb data (Saver plans available). They use EE so have a great coverage. 

Click here to get your free £5 top-up (Code: B36314G)

Channels show as BNET1 BNET2 etc.: 

  • Update your software (as detailed above)
  • Hold BN logo
  • Click Set Usr
  • Click OK

Your channels will be restored. If this does NOT work and you are using an early BN220 – then go to options and select BN220 and try again. 

The handsets won't update from the portal:

  • Wait up to ten minutes and perform the steps above.

People cant hear me:

  • Hold BN logo, go to options, select Mic amp first – then additional mic amp if it still is quite low. Or Both mic amps if really needed (But this can cause a lot of background noise also…)

I'm using a Critical Services Sim and its always on one network:

  • If this happens go into your device settings and select Mobil Networks, then clilck Search for networks – Automatic selection. If manual is selected automatic selection will not happen.

I get a blank screen when BN starts up:

  • If you are using an old version this may happen. If you use our launcher click Update and the BN app will be updated to the latest version.
  • Try to clear your android data cache – and restart the app. (enter netid etc)
  • If not – open a browser and goto - re-install and enter your netid and you are good to go. 
    Or – we can send an sms to your device. You can then click on the link to install.