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Beta features not covered in manual:

Scan mode: 

When you hold down a channel in the channel list – it will be added to the scan list. Hold it down again to remove it from the list.  You can see this list in diagnostics screen (HOLD DOWN RPT BUTTON

When you wish to scan all your channels you can hold down the CHA button or press the dedicated button on the BN-880 to start channel scan. The display will show ScanTGS.

If ticked in menu options – you can also scan the Ukemgdisp emergency channel.

If you hear something on the channel you can reply to the channel for up to 10 seconds or the preset you have stored in settings. If you press PTT at any other time during scan, you will be returned to the channel you were on when you started the scan. 

IF you have ‘Scan postcode area’ selected in the options – you will also scan a channel for your immediate local area (about 5-7miles) – this is useful for alerting other users about traffic or closures in immediate area. To send a local message press chan and select LOCAL
Please note: This channel is inter agency – any user can send a message and monitor this channel. 

It is recommended to only enter the LOCAL channel to make a transmission and to  use the scan function to monitor your home channels.

Panic mode:

If you find yourself entering a threatening situation, you can enable ‘Panic Mode’
To do this press and hold the Cads button on your terminal. It will turn red with three exclamation marks (!!!) 

After two minutes a SOS signal will be sent to cad and other units (If set in options) Also a SMS will be sent to your emergency contact (If set) 

* Please note SMS sending is NOT available on the Google Play store version due to their rules. Please update to the non google play store version if you require this (And set the sms permission in Android manually) 

To turn off this function when you are safe – Press and hold Cads button again. 

Keypad commands:

Using the numeric keypad you can have a few shortcuts detailed below:

Hold 0 Send voice request to Dispatch
Hold 9 Send priority voice request to Dispatch
Press [number] then [*] To go to channel [number]
Press and hold # to go to the Ukemgdisp emergency channel

On the BN880 press and hold [1-6] to emulate pressing the six buttons on the handsets screen.

Setting hardware buttons:

If you hold the BN logo and press HW ptt you can set the PTT key. (You do not usually have to do this) only do this if you have a need. The menu (#) key has been disabled for this use as it would block the menu access. When pressed you can now press the key you wish to use for PTT. You will hear a beep when done.

IF you do not hear a beep that key can not be used by android for PTT, so you would press the # button to cancel the operation to avoid setting the wrong key.. 

To delete the HW PTT and SOS buttons press and hold this key. 

(Please make sure you are using the latest version before setting this up as earlier versions do not stop the # key being used for ptt and can lock the handset) 

Follow the above procedure to set your sos button if it needs it. 


You can send sms commands to a termianal IF you are using the NON Google Play store version (Ie on a handset from us) or installed from the links under software. 

Turn on broadnet : This will turn on broadnet on the terminal
Turn off broadnet : This will turn off the broadnet software on the terminal