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Custom Handset Statuses

User defined states allow for a more detailed or custom description of your user’s current situation relevant to your user’s tasks and needs, without having to send messages to dispatch.


To add a user defined state, first navigate to Terminals/Handsets.


Once in Terminals/Handsets, head to the panel marked User Defined States and click ‘Add user defined state’.


A window will pop up where you can add your custom state Name and TLA (Three Letter Acronym).

The name will be shown to the user on state selection, and the TLA will be shown to dispatch as the handset status, so be sure to make your acronym easy to understand!


Once you have your custom state set, a user can set themself to a custom state by first tapping the state button on their handset.


Then tap ‘USER DEF’ for user defined states.


The user will then be presented with a list of custom states to set themselves to. Tap the desired state to set the handset to that state.


The status button on the handset now displays the custom status TLA and can still be switched to any other status at any time.

On the dispatch map, the handset status is also updated to show the custom state acronym.