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Terminal Default Settings

How to change the default settings for an individual handset from the BroadNet Portal

Changing the settings of a specific terminal

From the Terminals section in the BroadNet Portal, find the Terminals panel and click on the settings icon of the handset you wish to change the settings of.

A window will appear listing all settings available for that handset.

The default setting is to 'use organisation value', which leaves the setting at the organisational default. Setting organisational defaults will modify settings across all devices, unless specifically changed in the individual handset settings here.

Once you are happy with your changes, click 'Update Handset User'.

Modifying Global Terminal Settings


In the Terminals section of the BroadNet Portal, open the subsection now listed in the left hand menu called "Terminal Defaults".


The terminals defaults section lists all available settings for the terminals in your organisation.

The default setting is to 'use terminal value', which defers the setting to whatever the handset has been set to.

Changing these settings will modify settings across all devices in your organisation unless individually changed in the individual handset.


As well as the settings listed in the core options panel, there are a few settings that cannot be modified with just a flick of a switch. To change these, select 'Edit Terminal Settings' in the Standard Handset Settings menu.


In the window that appears you can make changes to settings that require the input of specific information. These settings are subject to change, but at the time of writing these cover:

  • Options pin
    Set a pin number that users must enter in order to access the options menu.

  • Emg sms no
    Set a phone number that will be contacted by text if the SOS button is pressed on any handset in your organisation. Please ensure this number has SMS capability.

  • Muted users
    A list of users that you do not wish to have PTT privileges in your organisation. List usernames separated by commas with no spaces (eg: Alpha01A,Alpha02B,Alpha02C)

  • Ptt timeout
    The amount of time a handset can transmit for (in seconds) before the transmission is timed out and stopped. To keep sending, the user must hold down the PTT button again.

To save your settings, click 'Update Terminal Details'.