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Keeping an eye on your assets and getting to know where they have been.


To navigate to the Tracking settings, open the Dispatch menu in the navigation bar and select Tracking.

To show the paths tracked by terminals where tracking is enabled on the main maps click the 'shoe prints'


In the Tracking section, you will be presented with a list of all Terminals in your organisation.

  • Username, battery status and signal strength.
  • User status (Available, Deployed, Busy, etc.).
  • Lat: Latitude.
  • Long: Longitude.
  • Set: How long since the user's Latitude and Longitude were last updated.
  • Status: GPS signal status.

To turn on tracking for a user, click on the Tracking toggle at the bottom of the card.


Dispatch will now begin to record and display live tracking information for the selected user. A user's movements will be traced across the dispatch map, with all status/incident updates marked. A blue circle will appear on the line every 10 minutes to assist with ascertaining where a user was within a specific timeframe. 

Please note: Dispatch will only record tracking data on a user while tracking is turned on for that user. Tracking data will only be stored for 24 hours.

A GPS signal is never constant, nor 100% accurate. While we do our best to provide as accurate information as possible, there is always the possibility of errors and signal loss.

Individual User Tracking

For when you absolutely have to keep tabs on one person


To view an individual user's tracking data, click the icon next to the tracking toggle on their card.

Note: Tracking will still need to be turned on in order to start recording/viewing tracking data.


Dispatch will now display the tracking data of the selected user only.