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GPS Settings

Staying on the grid

To turn GPS usage on in the BroadNet app, navigate to the settings page by pressing and holding on the BroadNet logo in the home screen, and selecting settings.

Scroll down the list until you find 'Use GPS' and tick the checkbox to turn GPS on.

If your GPS services are still not working on your handset, exit the app by hitting the back button on your keypad.

Open your handset settings and open Location settings.

In Location settings, make sure location services are turned on, and select the 'High accuracy' mode.

Don't forget that GPS signal is NEVER a constant.

It is many Satellites at different positions at any time of the day. One time you may have a lot in view. Others maybe only a few strong ones.

A handset in a car is not optimal as outside will always give the best results. If its near a radio or car electronics, it may not function correctly.

Its best to make sure a handset in line of view to the sky for half an hour to make sure it can download data to find out the position of the satellites at that time of day. This is called Almanac Data and if it is has not been used for a long time this will need refreshing.

At a low signal level you get only an approximate location which must use at least 3 satellites in view. More satellites are required for a 3D fix. Then more are used to increase accuracy. It is probable that the handsets do not have an optimal FIXED line of site for long enough to obtain a high accuracy fix. On another day it may be fine.

Some handsets use a small patch antenna on the back or top of the unit, so the way a handset has been placed would also contribute. 

BroadNet will use the best signal it can get at the time it sends the data. GPS signals will not travel through a metal roof.. So its the windows that matter!! Now to make a reply from this..