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This article assumes you have completed the following: Add Call Sign

Call Sign Allocation

Creating tags to easily identify your users


Access to the Call Sign allocator is available from your Dispatch screen.

Click on the Callsigns tab in the terminals panel on the right.


To find the call sign allocator for an event, make sure you are in the dispatch for that event, then select 'Call Signs' via the icon in the toolbar.


You should now be in the Call Sign allocator. From here you can access all call signs that have been set up for your organisation (if you have no call signs, see Add Call Sign). Users are listed down the right-hand side.

Let's add a user to a call sign. In this example we have the First Aid and Security call signs available.

To begin, select a call sign.


With a call sign selected, click on one of your users from the list on the right.


The selected user is now listed under that call sign (Dispatch may take a moment to update the user's state).

Let's add some users to another call sign - select another call sign from the list.


Same again - with the call sign selected, click on the users you wish to add to the call sign.


Your users will now be listed under the selected call sign.

Now let's move a user from one call sign to another. Select the call sign you'd like to move a user to.


Now select the user you wish to move.


The user has now been moved to your selected call sign.

To finish, let's remove a user from a call sign.

With the call sign you wish to remove a user from selected, click on the user you wish to remove in the list of users on the right.


The user has now been removed from that call sign.

Modifying Call Sign Icons


Call signs can now have icons assigned to them to more easily identify their current status. At the moment, we have all our call signs set to display a person, possibly indicating that all users in that callsign are on foot.

Let's say our First Aid callsign joins an ambulance crew in their vehicle while transporting a patient to hospital. To change the callsign
 icon, click on the callsign you want to edit, then select the new icon for your callsign (in this case, an ambulance).


The callsign icon now displays as an ambulance.

Adding Notes to a Call Sign


In the Call Sign panel, we've added the option to add notes to call signs. Notes can be used to store information on callsign users, or anything that may be useful for other operators to know.

To add a note, click on the edit button for a call sign.


You will be presented with the call sign edit window as seen in Add Call Sign.

To continue, type your note into the Note section and click 'Update Call sign'.


Your note will now be displayed in the Call Signs panel.