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This article assumes you have completed Setting up Users and Channels and Setting up a Handset.

Critical Services Network Setup

Setting up your CSN SIM. Both BN880 and BN28 setup are included below. Please seen additional boxes for differences for BN28 information.


Following the manufacturer's instructions for your handset, power down the handset and insert your CSN SIM. Most handsets we provide require the removal of the battery to gain access to the SIM holder.

Once your SIM is installed, please power on your handset.


We'll need to access the Android settings menu in order to set up your CSN SIM.

To do this from the handset main menu, press down 4 times (until you see the bottom of the screen highlighted) and press the button above "OK".

BN28: From the launcher you will see a button "Settings".


Scroll down to "Access Point Names" and select it.

BN28: From the Android settings:

  1. Scroll down and select "More"
  2. Select "Cellular networks"
  3. Enable "Data roaming"
  4. Select "Access Point Names"
  5. Click "+" to add a new APN
  6. Set the "Name" to "CSN"
  7. Set "APN" to "intelligence.m2m"
  8. Save the new APN and make sure that it is selected.

Turn your handset off and on again.


Select 'New APN'.


In the 'New APN' menu, select the name category. A window will pop up asking for a name to be set.

Set the name to 'csn'.


Now scroll down to the APN category and set it to 'intelligence.m2m'.

Once complete, you should now be able to access the Critical Service Network!

Having issues?

Please use the "Support" button below. Please let us know what handset you are trying to set up and your UIOD.