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This article assumes you have completed the following: GPS Settings, Incident Creation and Allocation

what3words is a navigation system that has divided the globe onto 3x3m squares and made each square identifiable by a three word address. The practical upshot of which is anyone can provide details to a precise location without all that tedious mucking about with GPS coordinates or latitude/longitude.

This system has proven particularly useful for the emergency services, and we here at BroadNet think it's so useful we've integrated what3words support into our own systems.

How to access what3words from a BroadNet handset:


Select the terminal status button on the home screen.


Scroll down the terminal list and select "SHOW W3W".


You will now be presented with a screen that displays the what3words address for your current location.

Using most mobile telephones you can also use the what3words mobile app to find out your current location:


Download the what3words app to your mobile device.


Once the app is set up, tap on the screen to select a location on the map, or tap the crosshair button to show your current location.


The app will now display a 3 word address for your selected location.

With the 3 word address in hand, you can now inform Dispatch of your precise location via PTT or by message.

Dispatch can now create an incident based on the location detailed by what3words.


From Dispatch you can create the incident as normal (click here for more information on creating an incident), but in the location section select the what3words tab.


In the what3words tab, type in the 3 word address for the incident.

When you're done, click 'Create Incident'.


Dispatch will now create an incident at the location detailed in the 3 word address. This can now be assigned and acted upon as normal.


If, for whatever reason, the incident location needs to be moved, the incident location can be updated by editing the incident details or by manually dragging the incident icon on the map.


However the location is updated, the what3words location will always be updated in the incident information panel.