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This article assumes you have completed the following: Modifying Your Subscription

To change the payment card used for subscription payments for your organisation, head to the 'Subscription' section in the BroadNet portal.
Scrolling down you will find the card section which lists the current card used for payment purposes.

For your security, BroadNet does not store your card details other than the last 4 digits and expiry date. We only keep these details so that users can identify what cards they have attached to their account.

To add a new card, click 'Add Card Details' and follow the directions on the screen.

Once you have added your new card to the system, it will appear in the list alongside the old one.

BroadNet does not recommend having more than one card assigned to an account, so now we'll remove the old card by clicking 'Remove'.

Your old card will now no longer be listed and all future payments will be charged to your new card.

If you wish to use your old card again, you will need to re-add it to the system.