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Uploading a Photo to an Incident


Assuming that it has a camera, a terminal assigned to an incident can upload photos to that incident for the CADS operator to see.

To upload a photo to an incident, first ensure that your terminal is assigned to an incident, then tap the 'Terminal Status' button (represented in this example by 'DEP' for 'Deployed').


In the 'Set Terminal Status' window, scroll down until you find 'UPLOAD PHOTO'.

Tap 'UPLOAD PHOTO' to continue.


In the 'Send pic to' window, scroll all the way to the bottom to find 'SEND TO CAD'.

Tap 'SEND TO CAD' to continue.


Now it's time to take your photo!

You can tap the screen to autofocus depending on your terminal model, otherwise tap the aperture icon at the bottom of the screen to take a photo.


You have taken a photo! Your photo will now be displayed on the screen for you to review before sending.

Pressing the redo icon in the very middle of the screen will allow you to retake the photo.

Pressing the cross at the bottom of the screen will cancel the process and take you back to the main menu.

To send the photo, tap the tick at the bottom of the screen.


Once it has finished uploading, your photo will now be available in the incident summary on dispatch under 'Terminal Uploads'.

It will also be viewable along with all other uploaded photos under the user summary.

The Dispatch Operator may need to refresh the dispatch page before the photo is visible.