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This article assumes you have completed the following: Setting up a Handset

BNN (ISSI) Calls

Calling across Organisations


Calling a user via their ISSI number will immediately open comms with that user. Regardless of organisations or channels, if you have the ISSI number of a user, you can call them.

To find your BNN (ISSI) number, head to the Terminals section of the BroadNet portal and open your Net ID (Network ID).

For more information on Net ID and where to find it, see Setting up a Handset.


Once you have the ISSI number of the user you wish to call, tap the status button on the home page of the BroadNet PTT app.


In the Set Status menu, scroll down to "ISSI CALL" and select it.


Now enter the BNN (ISSI) number of the user you wish to call in the window that pops up and press "OK".


Once you have connected to your selected user, you can now talk to them as you would normally over a PTT channel.

Please note: while this call is open you will not be able to send or receive anything on the channel you are assigned to.

To end the call, tap the Channel button (Chan) on the home screen.