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The BN-28 Handset

The BN-28 offers a few unique features, most notably the program buttons (P1, P2, etc.) on the front which offer easy control over routine functions that a user may use without having to fiddle through the handset menus.

In this article, we'll show you how the bodycam function of this handset works through the program buttons.


To start recording footage, press the P3 button.


The handset will now start recording footage. By default it will use the front camera.

To stop recording, press the P4 button.


The handset will now start uploading the recorded footage. Depending on the length of video taken, this may take some time.

From here you can return to normal handset function by pressing the back button.

To view all videos stored on the handset, press P2.


In the P2 menu, all videos currently stored on the handset will be listed here (all videos that have been uploaded will also be accessible via dispatch).

To view a video, tap the video name on the screen and it will begin playback.