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Command & Control Dispatch Systems



* Ideal for ambulances and security patrols *

The BN500 Mobile has proved very popular with customers, It comes with an external GPS receiver and all the bits and bobs you need to mount it into your vehicle.

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One to one calls,
Nationwide PTT Calls,
Powerful CAD Dispatch,
Incident logging,
Live GPS Tracking,
SOS Emergency Calls,
POTs Telephone Calls,
Lone Worker,
PVT Messaging,
CAD Terminal,

What is a PTT Network?

PTT stands for PUSH to TALK.

You simply press and hold whilst talking, used in the past for things like CB Radio – Walkie Talkies etc.

We will create a Network just for you, then you can talk to one or more users at the same time on your own secure private digital network.

The Radios.

We have a range of Radios and Accessories available which suit different needs from small compact radios that allow QR scanning, ideal for security companies who use our CAD Dispatch with guard routes, to standard size Tetra radios for Ambulance companies. All our radios use a base version of A-OS as the operating system with our own very powerful integrated software looking after your requirements. You can lock the radios down as much or as little as you like. 

Want to make normal (POTS) telephone calls?

All of our radios have the ability to make normal phone calls. We have researched and taken inspiration from Police and Ambulance systems to create an affordable easy to use system that is available to everyone.

You can try the whole system for FREE even without a radio. Search Google Play for “Broadnet PTT” and sign up for a trial on the PTT Customer Portal at the top of the screen (No Contract – No Fuss)

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