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What is BroadNet 

BroadNet offers a nationwide Push to Talk Network with a powerful full integrated dispatch system.

We use PTT or PUSH to TALK handsets and MDTs to allow you to communicate to one or all of your users at the press of a button, you simply push and hold whilst talking, used in the past for things like CB Radio – Walkie Talkies etc. We will create a network just for you that has nationwide coverage, here’s our promo video:

Radios & MDTs.

We have a range of Radios and Accessories available which suit different needs from small compact radios that allow QR scanning, ideal for security companies who use our CAD Dispatch with guard routes, to standard size Tetra-style radios for Ambulance companies. We also offer full handheld and mobile MDTs for heavy CAD users, These are very popular with ambulance user who received many CADs per day, they also have Sat-Nav that will navigate you directly to the incident.  click the link to see some of the radios we offer to click here:

Powerful CAD Dispatch

We have designed an extremely powerful dispatch system which seamlessly links to our handsets, you can send an incident you have created to the closest user by viewing their position on a live map, The user can use the built-in auto navigation to navigate to that location, you can also view l;live traffic information on the main CAD Map, perfect if you need to divert your users around congestion. For more information on CAD Dispatch you can see it in action here:

Event Management

Event Management allows you to customize the Map for a specific Event, This was developed for users at the Isle of Wight Festival, The event management allows you to create a grid and plot certain features on it, such as first aid points, exits, toilets etc. It will then create a separate incident log just for that event and shows you the position of all your users. for more information about creating events with CAD click here:

Multi-Agency UK Emergency Channels

BroadNet has teamed up with Emergency Medical Solutions (EMS) to create 3 UK wide channels that any BroadNet user can access, These channels are monitored by EMS in their 24hr control room, They are designed to bring everyone together to share information, such as weather disruption and traffic updates, its also been used by an ambulance company to call a 4×4 rescue group who use our network to be towed after getting stuck in the snow, these channels are in addition to users own private channels to which only the users of that channel can access.

Using the UK Emergency Channels do come with T&Cs which you can see here:

© 2015 BroadNet CAD and PTT is developed in the UK by our own team of coders & developers,  every aspect of our software from mobile-based to Windows-based is developed and owned by us, all parts of our system including any software is copyright 2015 BroadNet Communications Systems Ltd

Try us for FREE

All of our radios have the ability to make normal phone calls. We have researched and taken inspiration from Police and Ambulance systems to create an affordable easy to use the system that is available to everyone.

You can try the whole system for FREE even without a radio. Search Google Play for “Broadnet PTT” and sign up for a trial on the PTT Customer Portal at the top of the screen (No Contract – No Fuss)

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