Interconnectivity with other BroadNet enabled organisations

With a couple of clicks in the BroadNet dispatch portal, you can share any of your channels with other BroadNet enabled organisations.


My BroadNet Feature™

80% of the BroadNet solution features have been developed based on user feature requests. You get the product you want/need when you want it, which can increase your competitiveness.


System developed by users for users

You have the confidence that your communications platform has all the features you will need to meet your operational challenges.



Established in 2015, BroadNet has grown from a small hobbyist led part time business to be one of the leading providers of Network Radio Solutions in the UK.  As one of the few firms that relies entirely on our proprietary developed software we have the unique ability to customise our solution for our clients.


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We’d love the opportunity to give you the experience of what it’s like to work with us at BroadNet! Talk to us about trialing our solution, both hardware and software.

If you feel that there’s a feature BroadNet doesn’t currently offer, ask us if we can develop it for you!

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