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BroadNet is an all in one Solution for international Push to Talk communications, Command & Control Dispatch System, Incident Logging, Event Management and User Tracking


BroadNet PTT (Push To Talk) is a communications platform that operates in a similar way to traditional two way radios, but instead of relying on the limited range and bandwidth of conventional radio, we utilise a full range of modern communication networks to ensure you are always in range of the person you wish to contact.

Our handsets can communicate with a single user or thousands at the same time via voice, text, or job requests on your own private and secure channels, through the power of 3G, 4G and Wifi connections.

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BroadNet offers a powerful dispatch system which seamlessly links with our handsets. This system allows for individual and asset tracking through monitoring positions on a live map.

Our system scales with your needs, meaning your operators could be working from a tablet screen or a full control room setup and be just as effective in directing operations.

Dispatch also has a built-in incident response system, allowing an operator to assign incidents to users in the field. Effective logging and reporting functionality allows for incidents to be responded to quickly, while documenting all incident details for later review.

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The Critical Services Roaming Network is used by organisations throughout the UK where the loss of mobile data connection is not an option. Used by local authorities, Ambulance Services, Security Services and other mission-critical organisations. This service works by combining all the four major UK Mobile networks into one, meaning your device will lock onto the best possible signal from any of the four networks.

BroadNet combined with the Critical Services Network now makes it the UK’s most powerful PTT Network, far outperforming the Tetra network or single network PTT systems.

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For larger or more specialised operations, BroadNet offers the Teams system. This allows for specified ‘events’ to be defined to keep incidents, messages and general information specific to an 'event' circulating between the people that really need to know, especially during crucial ‘all hands on deck’ situations.

Stay on top of incidents by assigning your operators across different zones to watch over.

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BroadNet offers two subscription levels:

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to use the Help button you will see in the bottom left corner of each page of this site. You can also email us at

 +44 (0)333 939 79 89

About Us

First Established in 2013 and incorporated in 2015, BroadNet was set up by an experienced team of operators and technologists who wanted to develop a secure, resilient communications system with the coverage that Government Emergency Agencies enjoy at a cost that was affordable to any size of user group. BroadNet now has years of reliable operations under its belt, serving hundreds of clients both in the UK and abroad.

We’re continuing to further develop BroadNet’s bespoke products ‘in house’, using global infrastructure providers such as Amazon and Google Web Services to provide a resilient and secure network. We design and source hardware from the world’s leading handset manufacturers such as Hytera - providing both high end and cost effective handset solutions.

Our products are designed to be easy to configure and use, however things can always go wrong which is why we provide unlimited technical support to our users to ensure any problems can be fixed quickly with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Our development path is defined by our user community providing us with feedback and suggestions for new features. There is no “One Size Fits All” to our solutions - everything is built with scalability in mind. Our support team will discuss with you exactly what you are trying to achieve and make recommendations based on the experience of other users in your field.

How does BroadNet help your organisation:

  • We Improve Safety For Your  Remote Workers
  • We Increase the Reliability of Your Service to Clients
  • We help Increase productivity and help you make the best use of your available resources  
  • We provide you with flexible & scalable communications at a similar or lower cost than a mobile phone 
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Want to know more? Get in touch and let's have a conversation - after all good communication solves most problems!